Best Saw for Cutting Shapes Out of Wood in 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

best saw for cutting shapes out of wood

Since you open this article, we assume that you are seeking for the best saw for cutting shapes out of wood. Well, your decision in reading this site is perfect because we surely can help you with it.

Moreover, this well researched article will give you the total details you need to purchase the perfect one.

Top 10 Wood Cutting Shape’s Saw Reviews

We want you to have the best product. That is why we carefully researched top products with honest reviews. Here are the top 10 best saw cutting shapes out if wood:

1. WEN 3921 Scroll Saw – Our Top Pick

Wen Scroll Saw is design for your needs. It accepts blades in two directions, both standard and 90 degrees for your comfort.

Moreover, it offers a speed of 400 to 1600 strokes per minute. It can cut up to 2 inches thick wood and a 16inch depth.

Its spacious table is perfect for your angled cuts. It bevels up to 45 degrees for your accessibility.


  • Great for crafters
  • Price friendly
  • Small yet powerful


  • Very tight blade holder

If you want to have a small yet powerful saw in cutting shapes from wood, this one is recommended. Its unique features make your work accessible. Imagine the 400 to 1600 strokes per minute, isn’t it amazing?

Moreover, Wen Scroll Saw helps you so much with your crafts. It is perfect when you want to create a creative wood craft.

2. Bosch Top-Handle Jigsaw

This top-handle jigsaw motor produces up to 3,100 strokes per minute. Bosch offers a stable footplate to make sure that your cut its accurate. Furthermore, the saw provides a speed dial to control the speed of the motor while its accelerator regulates the operating speed.

It is designed with lesser vibration to help you cut the perfect shape you want. Moreover, Bosch jigsaw makes the blade changing process easy. In other words, you will not be burdened by the hard to insert and remove of blade.


  • Less to no vibration
  • Smaller
  • Cut smoothly


  • Cutting straight is difficult

Bosch top-handle jigsaw is the answer for your prayers if you are looking for a saw for cutting wood shapes. Its small size is perfect if you prefer to own easy to carry one. Moreover, the saw is engineered to make vibration less so that you will not find wood shaping hard.

3. WEN 3966 Two-Speed Band Saw

WEN 3966 Two-Speed Band Saw offers two operating speed. In other words, you can choose either its 1480 or 3280 feet per minute to help you finish your work according to how urgent it is. It has also 3-in-1 dust port feature wherein it can fit to the size of you your dust collection host.

Moreover, when you found technical problems with the product, Wen band saw offers a two-year warranty. Their skilled technicians are always available to attend our help.


  • Easier blade replacement
  • Almost no vibration
  • Do heavy cuts


  • Noisy blade

Wen Ban Saw is a great product if you want to cut wood shapes in a shorter time. Its two-speed operation will help you to do it. Since the manufacturer is confident with the quality of their product, it gives two-year warranty for a full service.

4. WEN 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw

This product offers options of blades. It varies anywhere from 1/8 to 1/2 of an inch in size to cater your needs. The saw offers you the ability to cut up to six inches thick boards.

In addition, you can choose either 1520 or 2620 feet per minute speed blade to make your work finish fast. Its 3-in-1 dust port will surely fit to the size of your dust collector host.


  • Smooth running machine
  • Quiet
  • With LED lamp
  • Good saw blade


  • Not so good meter gauge

If you want to have a smooth-running saw for your wood crafts, Wen 3962 band saw is a good buy. Its variety blade sizes will help you produce shapes that you aim. Collecting dust is maybe one of your problems. Well, Wen knew it that is why its dust ports come in sizes.

5. Shop Fox W1713 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw

Shop Fox W1713 Scroll Saw offers a speed control for your preference. It is also known from its extra cutting capacity and easy changing blade feature. Moreover, it is engineered with a table that has the ability to tilt from 0 to 45-degree angle for easy cutting.

It is compatible to standard plain or pin-end saw blades to make blade changing accessible for you. One of its unique features is its air nozzle. It blows air at the place where the wood is located so that the wood debris will not cover the tracing lines.


  • Built-in sawdust blower
  • Easy blade changes
  • Makes very straight cuts


  • Lack of user manual

Shop Fox W1713 Scroll Saw is the best wood shape cutting saw for you crafts. The product promises perfect straight lines to make sure that the shape you want to cut is perfect. Moreover, its air blower will help you remove the debris that disturb your sight in cutting the wood.

6. BLACK+DECKER Jig Saw – Cheap

BLACK+DECKER Jig Saw possessed a curve control ability to make it easy for you to adjust the orbit of the saw for up to 4 customized settings. To make the cutting process stable, the saw offers an adjustable shoe. Its wire guard helps you to cut different shapes precisely.

Moreover, the Black+Decker Jigsaw provides a keyless blade clamp to make changing of blade as easy as changing clothes.


  • Makes smooth cuts
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable to grip
  • Good price


  • No trigger lock

Consider Black+Decker Jigsaw if you want to perfectly cut curved woods. We know that your aching hand is your problem when you use a saw for long time. The good news with this product is, it has a comfortable gripping part.

7. Jet Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit – Special

This product provides a high cutting capacity and a foldable blade guard to move up at down. It is perfect for different wood sizes. Its tough iron frame gives assurance that it is a heavy-duty kind. Moreover, Jet jigsaw provides a 5 long year warranty for their costumer to make sure that their product is in its best condition as always.

Furthermore, Jet has a quick release blade tension that supports easy and effortless adjustments. Since the product is handy, it is easier to manipulate and do sudden change of cutting direction.


  • Durable
  • Product is great for the price
  • Stable


  • Takes time to set up at the beginning

If you want to have a high quality and durable jigsaw for wood shaping, Jet is on top. With its 5-year warranty offer, we can conclude that the manufacturer is really confident with their product.

8. DEWALT Scroll Saw

This type of scroll saw offers a double parallel link arm design to answer your problem with noise and vibration that other common saws have. Also, Dewalt Scroll Saw provides a dust blower to blow away the disturbing debris from the wood.

Additionally, Dewalt allows you to completely change saw blades in just a couple of seconds. It has an easy to lift arm to help you thread the blade to the wood when you are doing inside cuts.


  • Blades are easy to place in
  • Very solid stand
  • Whisper quiet


  • Vibrates much

This product should be considered when you are seeking for an easy changing blade saw. The stand of the product gives full support everytime you use it. Just like other wood shaper saw, Dewalt offers a dust blower to ensure precision in cutting.

9. Bosch Barrel-Grip Jig Saw

This tool has a big aluminum footplate with a steel and on-board bevel wrench. These features are perfect for your slant cuts to 5 degrees. It is engineered with low vibration to make sure that you will cut the shape precisely. Moreover, the Bosch JS470EB Barrel-Grip Jig Saw gives a speed dial to easily set the operating speed of the tool.


  • Long wire cord
  • Huge barrel
  • High quality tool


  • Quite heavy

Bosch JS470EB Barrel-Grip Jig Saw is the answer for your needs when you want to have a high-quality saw for shaping a wood. This tool makes sure that you can work comfortably that is why it is designed with long wire cord.

10. PORTER-CABLE Orbital Jig Saw

PORTER-CABLE Orbital Jig Saw gives a 7-position speed dial to give you choices with the speed of the saw for a perfect cutting result. Moreover, this tool provides a lock-in button to easily control the saw during prolong uses. It also offers a greater control and comfort for you. So porter Cable Saw has makes sure that you will not find it hassle to replace the blades.


  • Friendly price
  • Easy to control
  • Cuts straight


  • Vibrates too much

So if you are looking for an easy control saw for a friendly price, Porter cable saw is perfect for you. With its incredible price, you will enjoy their tool for a long time while giving you comfort.

Best saw for cutting shapes out of wood Buying Guide

Saw helps you to make cutting woods easier however, there is really a particular type of saw best for shaping the wood. Before making a decision to purchase one, consider this buying guide.

The Power of the Saw

Always look for the power of the tool before buying an item. So the power of the saw directly affects its ability to cut a particular wood thickness. Moreover, a powerful jigsaw comes up from 350 to 700 watts. Expect for a heavier tool when you want to purchase one with greater power. However, where are also professional models saw that offers 1000 to 1500 watts.

However, put it in your mind that you need also to consider your power supply. Is the supply can accommodate the power of the tool? So tool and power supply incompatibility may lead to serious problem.

The Stroke Rate of the Saw

Do not forget for the saw’s stroke rate before placing it in your cart. As a result, the best jigsaw has different speed options of its stroke rate. We discourage you to buy a tool without this feature most especially if the purpose of your saw is for beautiful crafts. A saw with many speed options can create a very detailed masterpiece.

One speed saw is only good when sawing a trunk of a tree. So the blade stroke rate of a good saw is up to 3500 strokes per minute. Good saw must have protective cover, sometimes made up of transparent plastic so that you will be safe during the operation.

The Sole Plate of the Saw

The sole plate in a jigsaw is important since it serves as the base or foundation of the tool. Before you buy a saw, make sure that the sole plate is solid. You sometimes need to strongly press the saw when the wood is quite hard. If the sole plate is not that strong, the process is dangerous. In other words, if you want to have a good sole plate, look for a type that is made of metal not a plastic.

In addition, look for a sole plate with smooth base surface. So remember, it touches the surface of the wood. When it has a rough surface, it will leave scratches on your wood.

The Handle of the Saw

Check for the handle of the saw you want to purchase. Besides, make sure that the grip portion is comfortable for long term use. As a result, there are two most common type of jigsaw handles; the top handle and the barrel grip.

Top handle offers one hand manipulation if you are able. Moreover, on hand saw does not cover the view of the cutting line. On the other hand, barrel grip handle type needs two hands for more stable cut.

The Blade of the Saw

Another feature to check before paying for a saw is the its blade. So make sure that the blade is the appropriate one for the craft you want to do. Furthermore, consider the thickness of the blade and its style.

Look for a not so thick blade if you want to cut detailed shapes most especially when it is more on curves. Also, see to it that the metal used in making the saw is easy to sharpen. No saw in the market that promises a lifetime sharpness. Naturally, the blade will turn blunt as you use it.

The Length of the Cord

Saw with shorter cord will limit your movement when performing a task. So a good saw has a cord length of 120 to 160 inches. Even though there are some additional extension cable available in the market, it is not still recommendable.

However, there are saw that are battery generated for your full freedom of movement during your work. But still, the life span is not long lasting and low power is expected.

The Warranty of the Product

It’s great to purchase a tool with a long warranty. So it gives the consumer a guarantee that the product will operate as it promised. You should not forget asking for a warranty information most especially when you are purchasing online.

In other words, under warranty, you can assure that the product you buy is in good quality and doesn’t have any defects. Looking for the warranty of the product is the first thing a wise buyer checked. So it protects you from product with low quality.

Types of Saw

Saw for cutting shapes out of wood comes with different types. Here are the most popular types of saw you may know:


So Jigsaw is used to cut circles, letters and curve shapes from woods. This saw is the cheapest one when it comes to price. Moreover, it uses reciprocating blade to cut designs according to your need. It is the easiest saw to use that is why it is perfect for first timers.

Scroll Saw

Another saw type is scroll saw. Scroll saw is used to produce more detailed and delicate cuts. It is perfect when cutting curves and circles out of wood.

Additionally, this type of saw helps you craft perfect designs. So it gives you precise and clean cuts.

Band Saw

Band saws helps you achieve perfect shape cuts out of wood. So it allows you to create special cuts and it can handle larger woods compare to the previous two. Even though in genera it is the most expensive among the type of saw, it worth the price.

This type of saw is very popular from its two main features; the speed and accuracy.

Best Saw for Cutting Shapes Out of Wood in 2022 FAQS

We want to give you the full benefit of reading this article. Maybe there are some questions in your mind. That is why, we made these frequently asked questions with their answers to help you decide which one to buy.

Q1: What to use to be protected when using a saw for cutting shapes out of wood?

Answer: Do not forget to wear safety glasses or goggles, or a face shield. These are your partners to stay protected when using the saw.

Q2: Where should I store my saw for cutting shapes out of woods?

Answer: Store it in a dry and cool tool box. Make sure to stay it away from the sight of children.

Q3: How to take care of my saw for cutting shapes out of woods?

Answer: Always see to it that the handle is clean, dry and free from oil or grease before and after use. Use a damp cloth and mild soap to remove any dirt from the body of your tool. Failing to do it might cause corrosion to the blade of your tool.

Q4: Can I use my saw for wood to metal materials?

Answer: Consider the capacity of the blade. There are saw that are good for wood but also in metal as long as you change the blade.

Q5: Do I need to replace the blade of my saw every after use?

Answer: No, the blades of the saw for cutting shapes from wood can be sharpened many times before they need to be replaced.

Q6: Is it safe to sharpen the blade of my saw by myself?

Answer: Actually, yes. You can sharpen it by yourself. If you don’t have experience in sharpening it, you can look for tutorials at YouTube.

Q7: Can I plug in my 110 volts tool to a 220 volts power supply?

Answer: It is not safe for the tool.  It will quickly operate in an overvoltage condition and may cause melting of fuse. Better to check if the voltage of the tool is compatible to the voltage of your power supply.


The best saw for cutting shapes out of wood depends on your need and your work. Since you want to buy one, make sure to buy the saw you will not regret.

Do not settle for less or waste your money with low quality. Besides, buying saw is an investment. Own a long lasting one that will definitely help you finish your work well.

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