11 Best Over the Knee Boots for Petites in 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Over the Knee Boots for Petites

Different person has different fashion taste. There are hundreds of footwear and over the knee boot is one of many. That is why I am going to write on best over the knee boots for petites.

Are you a fashionistas?

Who want to wear over the knee boot but a petite. And thinking that the boot might not fit for you. Well you don’t need to worry then. There are so many famous celebrities like Ariana Grande who are a petite woman but wears over the knee boots. So, you can also rock by wearing these awesome trendy and fashionable boots.

The trick?

Well, find the right and perfect pair.

If you’re searching for the right pair of yours then keep reading this article to find the best over the knee boots for petites.

What is Over the Knee Boot Actually?

Well, over the knee boots or thigh boots or top boots or hip-boots whatever you say are the long boots which cover the knee fully or partly. You’ll be surprised to know that these boots originally made for men but later it’s also became a fashion boot for women. And it’s a trendy fashionable boot for women especially on 2022, highly recommended for winter and fall monsoon.

Now the question is, what is the definition of petite for women?

From the beginning of the human race, women are generally shorter than men on average. Well then who are called petite women actually?

Generally, when it comes to women the term petite refers to the height which is 5’3″ tall or under. The fashion industries used this term to describe a woman of that particular height and size.

But hey! Listening petite are you getting offended?

Please don’t be.

The term is not used to be belittled you. It’s actually a compliment. Don’t be ever shamed of your size or anything. You’re beautiful as the way you are. Got it right?

If you still have confusion about petite woman then read this article to know the details.

Top 11 Best Over the Knee Boots for Petites Reviews

Here are the 11 over the knee boots lists for petites women. I’m listing this by checking the customer review, product quality and so on. I hope petites ladies can find their right one from my lists. Let’s start! 

1. CAMSSOO Women’s Fashion Knee High Boot


  • 100% man made material
  • 3.94-inch stiletto heel
  • Rubber sole
  • Side zipper

First pair of my list is this beautiful faux suede boot that has smooth side zipper for fitting tight and a stiletto heel. The non-slip rubber soles can give you a comfort and fast-moving experience without letting you down.

The simple design can give you a gorgeous look. You can try them for shopping, for work or anywhere specially with your outfits in fall or winter monsoon.

Total of 8 colors are available. If you ask me then I’ll say go for nude, it’ll fit you very well, I guess. Or you can choose by you own. Your choice!

2. DREAM PAIRS Women’s Over the Knee Block Heel Boot


  • 100% man made
  • Faux suede, rubber TPR outsole, faux fur lining
  • 3-inch block heel
  • Rubber sole

The next pair on our list is a lightweight and comfortable boot that has considerate straps which can adjust tightness and prevent the shaft failing off and side zipper design for easy on and off.

It is simple, fashionable and elegant. Suitable for parties, shopping with your fall or winter outfits.

There are 6 different colors available for this pairs and the brown one is the catchy one, I guess.

3. Forever Link Focus-33 36 Women’s Fashion Stylish Pull On Over Knee High Sexy Boots


  • All man made
  • Synthetic
  • Platform heels

If you’re looking for a classic loose leather one then this might be your choice. This pair is fully man made with top to bottom synthetic material. There are so many models and designers love to wear thins type of boots with coats in the fall season. You can also take the look by wearing this one.

There are 8 different colors and patterns available of this pair. The loose designs are meant that these boots are pulled on over style. The most popular one is the black faux leather one. You can also choose other colors for looking great and get warmth in the colder months.

4. RF ROOM OF FASHION Tokyo-25 Women’s Stretchy Over The Knee Riding Boots


  • Premium vegan suede or leather
  • 1.25-inch low block heel
  • 100% synthetic

An awesome riding boots for petite woman with medium calf and inner partial side zipper for easy wear. If you like low blocked heel then this could be your finest choice.

Over 8 different colors, the grey one is surely eye-catching.

5. Nature Breeze Over the Knee Lace Up Combat Boot


  • Leatherette combat boot
  • Lace up front
  • Side zipper
  • Lug sole
  • Synthetic material

Wanna rock? Don’t be late, this meant to be for yours. This pair can give you a cool look and fit perfectly to your feet with skirts outfit. I really like the style of this pair for punk fashion, for rock and roll and for parties.

This high boot for the petites women is likely one of my favorite on the list. The front lace-up front design is surely eye-catching with the lug sole and also a side zipper is included for easy slip on and off.

8 colors available. I guess dark tan is the one you’re looking for. Am I right?

6. Kenneth Cole REACTION Women’s Wind-Y Riding Boot


  • Fabric material
  • 1-inch low block heel
  • Inside zip

Most of the women have obsessions with heel, for extra height heel is a great choice but when it comes to feel comfort, you’ll get that without heel. A relax feeling with no extra pressure from your feet obviously can be the reason for your smile. And this pair can give you that smile and style at the same time which has got no heel on the bottom. If you don’t like wearing high heels, these riding boots will fit and look dashing for you.

You know, riding boots were originally designed for horse riders, for more gripping on the riding time. But if you’re not a horse rider, still you’ll find it comfortable for your everyday wear.

There are two simple shades for you to pick from.

7. AKIRA All Over Diamond Rhinestone Stripe Front Boot


  • Rhinestone stripe design
  • 3.5-inch stiletto heel
  • Zipper closure and pointed toe

Where there are diamonds, there is girls. I’ve heard it a lot of times. True for you right? So, hey diamond lover, go and grab this catchy diamond rhinestone stripe front boots.

This boot has got a high stiletto heel with pointed toes and all over the glittering rhinestone. They look shiny but aren’t easy to wear but still you can manage because you’re a petite. I’ve heard that petites women find it easier for you to taking care of high heels. It’s because of looking a bit tall right?

For parties or for night outing, this can be the best choice because of its glittering stone it will give you a glossy. If you’re so fashionable then I can bet you can’t skip this one.

8. Fashion Thirsty Womens Over the Knee Boot


  • Stretch denim
  • 4.2-inch platform heel
  • Synthetic soul

Seeing this one the first thing will come out to your mouth is ‘WOW’. Yes, this pair deserves WOW. A pure fashionable boot with synthetic stretch denim and platform heel can give you an awesome party feeling.

They look great with skirts, pants or even with dresses. If you want denim look then go for it. You will seek everybody’s attention by wearing this one for sure.

There are light mid blude fade denim and light blue denim available for the pair. Choose with your taste.

9. Chinese Laundry Over the Knee Boot


  • Synthetic material
  • 3-inch block heel
  • Self-tie closure

Chinese Laundry is a very known fashion forward footwear targeted to the young women’s market. Are you looking for a pair of petites for your professional workplace then this might be the one. The luxurious design and innovative fabrics and leathers can give you a perfect stylish daytime look. You’ll fall in love at ease.

This pair comes with a side zipper and a tie-up knot at the shaft as well for a snug fit. The best thing about that is you can adjust the height! If you’re not in the mood for a knee-high, feel free to wear looser boots by the calves. It’s up to you!

Choose between a classy toffee or toffee black suede color.

10. Comfortview Women’s Wide Width The Cameron Wide Calf Boot


  • Wide calf
  • 1-inch stable heel
  • Half-side zip closure

Skinny legs are a common thing for many petites, some of them need to cope with wide calves. So sometimes it’s tough for them to find the suitable choice. This wide calf pair come to rescue for the petites with that indecision, however!

This boot is meant to be comfortable and flexible. It will give you a relax time as long as you wear. The top line lace will ensure the perfect fitting with a half side zipline closure.

Black, brown and burgundy are the three available warmish tones for this boot, where burgundy is my personal favorite.

11. Shoe’N Tale Women Stretch Suede Chunky Heel Thigh High Over The Knee Boots


  • Suede
  • 3.5 inches tapered heel
  • 100% man made

Another celebrity favorite in the list. If you follow any super model or celebrity on social media, you’ll see this one they’re wearing for sure. This cushioned and fashioned boot designed for your daily walking and partying. Stretchy aterial, made with a full elasticated leg for most shape calf fitting as possible. The rubber soul will help you walk in these heels without worrying about tripping.

There is 23 different color with different option for you to choose. Which one is your favorite? If you ask me then go for brown back zip.

Buying Guide on Petites Boots for Over the Knee

Never been buying boots for petites? If no, then there’s no need to worry about.

Simply follow this intuitive guide:

  1. Choose your design: The very first thing when you buy a pair of boots is to choose the design you want, you like. And obviously the colors that looks good on you.
  • Take proper measurement of your leg and foot: Measuring the perfect size can give you a perfect pair of boots. When it comes to online, choosing the perfect pair is the most challenging thing.

If you don’t know how to take perfect measure of your foot then read this.

  • Check the material: You wanna buy this not just for fashion but also for feeling comfortable right! So, check the material that gives you more comfort. Most of the users suggest to go for leather material.
  • Take a look on the size chart: Almost every product has detailed charts where you can compare, match shaft length, heel height, boot circumference. Check this all out.
  • Ckeck details: A pair is looking gorgeous and you already fall for it without knowing the details of that product. Stop right there! You must not fall for any petite boot that come across. First of all, pay attention to the details, take note and then go for it. Simple! isn’t it?
  • Check customer ratings and reviews: It’ll be very easy for you to choose a product to buy if you check the user rating and review of that specific pair.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are the most asked questions that may cross in your mind. So, if you are going to buy any over the knee boots for petites, you can check this part too.

Q1. What height is considered petite?

The height is 5’3’’ approx. or under.

Q2. Is petite a compliment?

Sure, it is. The lady with attractive, beautiful is the petite.

Q3. Can Petites wear over the knee boots?

Of course, the can. They just need to choose the perfect pair for them to fit. That’s it.

Q4. What can I wear with over the knee boots?

You can wear sweater dress, poncho, skinny jeans, skirts. So many options available for you whenever you choose to wear over the knee boots.

Q5. Do knee high boots make legs look longer?

Yeah, a bit. With a high heel over the knee boot a short one will also look a bit longer.

Q6. Is it better to keep shoes in boxes or out?

If you want to use it for a long time then it is better for you to keep your shoes in boxes.

Verdict Line

Hey petite girls! I hope you found your pairs to suit your taste on this list! Which one is the best choice for petites in your thoughts please let me know? And if you don’t like the list I’ve given and have suggestions then share without being hesitate.

Thank you.

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