Best Miter Saw For Beginners in 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Miter Saw For Beginners

If you want the maximum experience in your work, you should buy the best miter saw for beginners. Buying your first miter saw can be complex, but today, you will learn how to make it simple. You have the opportunity to know the seven best saws for beginners and compare all the advantages that each one has.

Learn about the best buying guide for miter saws for beginners and analyze the steps to follow to have the best product. Find out which are the best brands of the product and solve all your doubts after purchasing the saw. You must acquire bold information to buy the best miter saw to help you in your work as a beginner.

Top 7 Best Miter Saws For Beginners

In this part of the article, you can read 7 top product reviews. So, you can make your decision that which one is perfect for you.

Let’s go and keep reading.

1. DEWALT DWS779 Slide Miter Saw 12″

If you want the most power, buy this entry-level saw with an efficient 15 Amp motor at its start. You can cut two x16 dimensional lumber at a 90-degree angle and 2×12 at a 45-degree angle. It has dimensions suitable for you to have it at home; it will not generate annoyance or wasted space in your home.


After purchasing the best 12 sliding compounds, miter saw you get extra accessories. You get sturdy vertical cutting guides, a second cutting blade, and maintenance tools. The size is comfortable enough for you to do your job smoothly; it is built with quality materials.

You can buy a miter saw that is affordable, multi-purpose, and with a very powerful motor. It has an integrated anti-dust system so that the motor does not jam while you work on it.


  • Powerful 15 Amp motor
  • Anti-dust system
  • Useful accessories after purchase
  • 2-dimensional cross-section (90 and 45 degrees)
  • Affordable purchase price


  • May be too large to use
  • Has a low engine speed

2. DEWALT DWS780 double bidel 12″

You can buy a DEWALT DWS780 saw that would work for you if you don’t have any experience using it. It is designed with a very efficient handle that gives you plenty of potability for multitasking. You can make two types of crosscuts cleanly without the need for another product.


It has an incredible 15 amp motor with a power of 3800 rpm for more durability on the job. You can cut the dimensional lumber by 12 at a 45-degree angle or 2 x 14 at a 90-degree angle. With these dimensions, you can make a perfect cross-section in XPS using the guideline as support.

The DEWALT miter saw has a system that collects dust that sucks 75% of this element around it. It has a very innovative design that has a belt and its respective gearbox for a clean cut.


  • Crosscuts at 90 degrees and 45 degrees
  • It has a very optimal dust collection system
  • Powerful 15 amp motor
  • It has a very precise miter system


  • Has an exaggerated weight
  • Your cutting guideline is not as accurate as the brand says

3. METABO HPT C10FCGS 10 Inch Miter Saw

For something smaller in materials to cut, you can buy the best 10-inch miter saw blade. METABO HPT fulfills the task of giving you precise cuts with a very powerful motor in its composition.


You can make perfect cuts at an angle of 0 degrees to 52 degrees in either direction, left or right. In bevel cutting, you can do the same procedure. Only the maximum angle is limited to 45 degrees.

It has a very efficient motor with 15 amps of power so that you can cut even the hardest wood on the job. At the base, you acquire a bra to be fixed in your work area to have clean cuts.


  • It is a 10-inch compound miter saw
  • Has separate miter and bevel angle
  • Its motor covers 15 amps in power
  • Has quick stops to adjust the miter saw


  • The cutting system can be complex for beginners
  • Its lightweight casts doubts on efficiency in miter or bevel cutting

4. 12″ BOSCH GCM12SD

If you want to be a professional in your work, you must buy the Bosch miter saw for its unique characteristics. You can take a product with an average size, versatile blade, and additional tools that will go a long way in your work.


It has a very wide capacity to cut; the bevel can be from 0 to 33.9 degrees in cutting with the left or right direction. It is a very precise saw that has a frame lock fence for 90-degree retention in the cut.

Its entire cutting bezel is stainless steel for maximum durability and ease of cutting more than just wood. It has a very large weight, but this is good if you look for stability in your work where the saw does not move for anything.


  • A very precise bevel cut at all angles
  • Efficient bevel locking system
  • Its cutting disc is made of stainless steel
  • Collection system that dissipates dust to 90%


  • Your weight may be exaggerated
  • Your ability to cut may be very reduced

5. HITACHI 10″ Miter Saw

Without a doubt, Hitachi may be the best miter saw for beginners due to its cutting range. You can cut up to 52 degrees on the bevel quickly because its motor is very powerful for fast work.


In the miter cutting range, you can cut from 0 to 52 degrees in either direction, left or right. In bevel cutting, you can do your work at an angle no greater than 45 degrees that can be precisely adjusted.

You can cut crown molding very easily because the saw has a folding swivel fence. The maximum range for a trim cut is 4 inches; this can be done quickly by its 15 amp 1950 W motor.


  • Maximum capacity for miter and bevel cuts
  • Has a rotating guide that rises to 4″ for cutting crown molding
  • It has an elastomeric handle that makes the work comfortable and without vibrations
  • Powerful 15 amp motor


  • Does not have a system that collects dust
  • Its bevel cut can be very small

6. DEWALT DWS713 10″ Single Bevel Miter Saw

The DEWALT line takes priority as the best miter saw for beginners due to its ease of use. This time you get a saw with a 10-inch blade with 14 guide stops that are very positive.


All the plate you use for cutting is made of stainless steel, prolonging the life of the miter saw for a long time. Its power in the motor reaches 15 amps with a voltage of 120,000 volts for fast work.

You can prioritize the DEWALT DWS713 because of its 48-degree bevel cut in the left direction and 3 degrees in the right direction. It has an astonishing crosscutting capacity of up to 90 degrees by 2 x 6 “and 2 x 4” at 45 degrees.


  • Has a very large power to do quick jobs
  • The Left or right bevel cut has a perfect cutting angle
  • Its stainless steel plate prolongs its life
  • Has a sliding fence that supports 4 – ¼ inch vertical base


  • The right bevel cut has a limiting angle for some jobs
  • Its lightweight can compromise your precision in wood cutting

7. Genesis GMS1015LC 10″ Miter Saw

A good purchase that you can get today is the Genesis miter saw with a very wide 45-degree bevel cut. This product has power, scope, and aesthetic details that make you have a quick and clean job in no time.


The motor’s output covers 15 amps, and its 10-inch blade makes for a very clean job. The bevel cut is 45 degrees in the left direction for you to cut large pieces of wood.

In its operation, you acquire a cast aluminum base that gives you greater precision and portability so that you can use it from now on. You can make a 45-degree miter cut in both directions, and you have nine stops that you can use in the process.


  • Has a very extended bevel cut for all types of woods
  • It has a very hard carbide blade for its long life
  • It has a lightweight due to its aluminum base
  • Has a shaft block for you to change blades


  • Does not have a right bevel cut
  • Overpriced price

Beginner Miter Saw Buying Guide

For you to choose the best miter saw for beginners, you must follow the buying guide. This guide is for you as a beginner to prioritize some advantages of the miter saw over others. Following the points of importance, you can get the best product that will help you stand out in the trade; get to know them


The first thing that you should see is the name of the brand with which you will commit your experience buying the saw. You must take among the legendary brands that offer the greatest guarantees for smooth woodcuts on the job. Look for the best miter saw for the money; it is an investment for a product you will have for many years.

Cutting Capacity

This is a priority, and the higher the cutting capacity on the miter saw, the better the results of your work. You should buy the best 12-inch miter saw blade or 15 inches for large wood. You should have many cutting fields that you do not need and not a limited cutting capacity that costs you work.


Among the best saws, you can enjoy the guideline so that your cut is precise and very clean at all times. You must buy a product with this capacity in its entirety and not half for your work to look professional. You, as a beginner in carpentry, need a guide, and with this tool, you can have it as long as you use it well.

Durability of the Disc

You must purchase the best miter saw blade for trim with a stainless steel blade. With this material, you can have the saw for many years using it without rusting or breaking in the work. You can combine this element with a 12 or 15-inch blade to have a greater capacity in cutting wood of all sizes.


You should buy a cutting machine specializing in safety to lock the blade when you are not using it. This has a system that works with stops on its frame that you can only unlock for use at work. You must be very careful to block the disc so that other workers or personnel do not get hurt when they move it from one place to another

Anti-Dust System

To acquire the best saw for cutting trim, you must verify that it has an anti-dust system. You can remove 70-90% of all wood dust to have a clean job. This system is important because it allows you to give yourself a clean environment, and the saw system does not get stuck.

Bevel Cut

If you have minimum experience, you will know that bevel cutting according to the angle is very important in the saw. The best miter saw for beginners should have a bevel cut in both directions greater than 30 degrees. With this advantage, you can make varied cuts that allow you to give a unique design or style to what you do with wood.

LED Lighting

It is optional, but it may work for you if the saw has LED lighting if you are working in the dark. With this additional feature, you can work at night regardless of whether natural or bulb light is on your side. The lighting should be attractive, preferably white, so you do not put pressure on your eyes.

Engine Power

The best miter saw for homeowners should have very good motor power for its fast work. You should buy a saw with a motor that exceeds 15 amps for fast cutting. With this speed, you will learn to make professional cuts from the beginning without applying the minimum effort with the machine.

Purchase of Spare Parts

You must buy the best circular saw for beginners with readily available replacement parts. You should be guided by the most popular brands that have incredible breadth for parts. With this possibility, you will not stop your work by not replacing a disc or a bevel to cut the wood.


Weight is essential, and if you want a miter saw for your personal use as a beginner, you should buy it lightly. Since you will be in constant motion with the machinery as you learn to use it, low weight can help. Over time you can replace this product with a heavier one that gives you stability but now buy light.

An extra heavyweight saw has the advantage that it adapts to your work table, gives stability, and optimizes precision. You can do a very professional job with this machinery, but you must fix it in a workshop or job you have. The best miter saw for DIY can be in the product; this should be the main thing for your purchase.

Vibration Reducer

It may be an extra feature, but you can buy a miter saw with a built-in vibration damper. As a beginner, it will be difficult for you to make a clean cut while the appliance is vibrating. With the reducer, you can have a pleasant experience while making a cross or linear cut to the wood.

Hitachi’s best 10 inch sliding miter saw is one of the few with this feature. You will feel a huge difference with the vibration reducer; it will not compromise your pulse to cut. This specific miter saw has the best balance of all, a great guide, and useful cutting bezels for beginners.


As you are new to this world of carpentry, you need to cut wood with the miter, saw you must buy it by voltage. You need a saw with a voltage of 120 for you to plug the appliance anywhere. You should refrain from buying a 220 volt saw because you will need a more powerful light to connect it.

The difference in volts also marks your speed at the motor; 220v saws are a bit faster. You can use a 110 light miter saw for the first few years and then switch to 220 or just keep the main one. It is important that for both purchases, you do it with quality brands where the device supports that current intensity.

Guarantees of Use

For you to buy the best sliding miter saw for homeowners must have infinite guarantees of use. You should check with the provider what is the trial time for you to return in case of problems. With these Features from recognized brands in miter saws, you won’t feel like you’re wasting your money.

For this type of equipment, you usually receive a 2-year guarantee of use to return in case of any problem. You may receive a refund or restoration of the saw, depending on the severity of the damage to it.

Learn How to Choose

Now that you know how to choose the best table saw under 200, you can take a refreshing product. You may be surprised by the efficiency of the saw and all the special features that it brings for you to use. With this device, you can fulfill your dream of cutting wood like a professional in your freelance or contract work.

You must compare prices of miter saws to get a product that is consistent with what you will pay. You can make a budget by researching the different types of saws and the advantages of each. Among the best seven products, you can see variety, control, and precision to cut your wood; they are the best on the market.

The best sliding miter saw for the homeowner may be at your fingertips right now. You can do your research very well and buy the product to start your business from home or in a specialized workshop. Think about the power and quality of the product regardless of the price you must pay to take it home.

One final tip for you to buy the most useful miter saw for beginners is to have plenty of guarantees. If you see that the product has a use of 6 months covered against damage, you should discard it and look for a better one. A 2-year warranty is what you need; with this, you can learn to use the saw and work it safely.

Best Brands

The best miter saw under $200 has different brands, and you can search with:


From the Dewalt brand, you can take very powerful miter saws with incredible precision in the bevel you use. It is one of the few brands that, after the purchase, you acquire guarantees of use for two years.


If you want the best compound sliding miter saw, you can go with the Hitachi brand. These saws have a vibration reducer that allows you to have a better experience in cutting wood.


The Bosch line of miter saws is preferred when making professional cuts with a very wide bevel. You can have in your products a system that reduces the dust generated by cutting wood, giving you a clean job.


Although this brand of saw is little known, you can buy it for its affordable price and quality in wood cutting. It is a brand with very cheap saws that you should investigate to get discounts.


Before choosing the best 12 inch sliding compound miter saw or another measure, you should answer the following questions:

Q1. How does a miter saw work?

If you chose the best miter saw for crown molding, you should read its instructions for use. Typically you need to lay the wood to be cut, calibrate the bevel, and turn on the appliance to do the job. Some of these steps may change depending on the type of saw; some must be turned on and take their level.

Q2. What Features do I acquire with the saw?

You can cut all the wood that you have around you if you practice carpentry from your home. With the saw, you can make clean cuts for a piece of a bed, table, chair, among other things with wood.

Q3. Is a saw with a vibration reducer better?

For the best sliding compound miter saw you need a vibration reducer. With this advantage, you, as beginners, will have a pleasant experience cutting wood.

Q4. What is the budget to buy a saw?

You can price between $ 100 and $ 500 depending on the type of miter saw you want to buy.

Q5. What type of saws should I buy for the first time?

A Dewalt or Bosch brand saw should be your choice, being the most reliable and easy to use devices.

Q6. Are miter saws easy to use?

You will get used to it quickly when using it to cut wood; it is not very complex; you just have to be careful.

Q7. Do I need a saw with what type of blade?

A stainless steel disc makes a difference in the life of the saw where you can extend it for a few years.

Q8. How much does an average saw weigh?

On average, you buy a saw from 30 to 40 kg; the heavier it is, the better the cutting precision will have for a fixed base.

Q9. Where can I place the saw to work?

You should place the best saw for cutting 2×4 on a flat area, preferably on a heavy-duty base that will support the weight.

Q10. What do I do if my saw jams?

Unplug the appliance and check that the blade disc has no pieces of wood or if the saw is clogged with dust. In case you do not solve the problem, you should go to a professional to fix the device.

Q11. What guarantees do I get for a saw?

With the best 10 inch miter saw, you get 2-year money back or saw repair warranty.

Q12. Who should I send my miter saw for repair?

With the supplier of the device in case you have guarantees or with a professional specialized in saws, it is a complex repair.

Final Verdict

To purchase the best 12 inch miter saw as a beginner, you must compare several brands. You must make an intelligent decision when buying this device for quality, performance, and guarantees of extended use. Do not be scammed and buy a saw that will serve you for many years, help you learn the trade.

Buy quality, and precision miter saw. You should buy the best miter saw for beginners according to the quality and foresight offered by the different brands. So, know the 7 best saws that have unparalleled features. And advantages so you can buy immediately. There after, follow all the steps in the beginner’s buying guide and meet the goal of getting a device that will last for years.

Discover which are the best brands for the miter saw and compare them with each other to know their guarantees of use. Solve all doubts before buying the appliance and finally get the best results when cutting wood.

You must take the information to make it a charm to purchase this important device. You have to compare prices, mark a budget, and then take the step of buying the best saw according to its characteristics of use. These purchases are easy; you just have to do it patiently to get the best products.

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