Best Air Compressor for Impact Wrench Reviews in 2023 & Buying Guide

Best Air Compressor for Impact Wrench

I presume that you are looking for the best air compressor for impact wrench since you are opening this page. Before an impact wrench works, it needs a specific size of air compressor. However, there are times that you may be wondering what kind of air compressor is the best one for impact wrench? So you can happily understand which one is perfect for you.

Are all air compressors able to run your pneumatic impact wrench? In this article, I will try my very best to elaborate to you the things you should discover about air compressor for your impact wrench.

Moreover, I will provide you the best models and brand of air compressor with its honest reviews. I want you to pick the best one since you deserve the best.

What is Air Compressor?

An air compressor is a mechanical device that makes pressurized gas. When the air is pressured, it gives a great force that can be used to supply power to other kinds of devices. In other words, this device is able to produce power to make your different tools work.

Today, this device performs many tasks to lessen your effort. It can give air for things like inflatable bed, tires. Nail guns, grinder, spray guns, sanders, drills and impact wrenches are some of the tools air compressor helped a lot.

What is Impact Wrench?

An impact wrench or impact gun refers to a socket wrench power tool. It helps you produce high turning effect without requiring much effort from you. Try to look at the reality. When you manually loosen or tighten a bolt or a nut, it will surely take a lot of time and energy. However, when impact wrench is available, the device will do the work for you. It works by saving power in a heavy rotating mass and releases it in the output shaft.

Additionally, this tool is popular in most repair shops since it makes the work of the mechanics to assemble or fix the parts of motors, cars and the like easily.

Why Air Compressor Need for Impact Wrench?

Impact wrench works form many kinds of power supply. It can be powered by electricity, battery and air compressor. Many mechanics said that of the advantages of using air compressor for impact wrench is the high power it gives. However, it requires a consistent pressurized air to expect good power. Most auto shops use giant air compressor to assure for a lasting power supply.

Top 7 Best Air Compressor for Impact Wrench Reviews

We desire to help you get the best air compressor for you. That is why, we carefully searched the top 7 best air compressors for impact wrench with their honest reviews.

1. DEWALT Pancake Air Compressor, 6 Gallon, 165 PSI

DEWALT DWFP55126 Pancake Compressor offers an efficient motor that easily starts up even the temperature is cold. Moreover, this compressor features its 75.5 dBA noise level for a less noise work. This device features its 2 universal couplers to accommodate two users.


  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy carrying handle
  • Less Noise


  • Gauge glaze over

If you found it hard in starting up your air compressor, Dewalt Pancake Compressor is perfect for you. It features efficient motor to surely starts easily even in low temperature. Furthermore, the units offer a ball drain to make tank draining hassle free. Just make sure that the drain valve is tightly closed before start using it.

2. BOSTITCH Pancake Air Compressor, Oil-Free, 6 Gallon, 150 PSI

BOSTITCH high features its high efficiency motor for easy start up even in a cold weather. In addition, the unit is also popular for its less noise ability. In other words, you can use it without making disturbing noise. The manufacturer also offers 1 -year warranty to make sure that you can benefit the full service of their air compressor.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Oil free


  • Loud

When you are living in an area with a cold weather and starting up an air compressor is your problem, Bostitch is a good choice. Besides, this brand is oil free so no maintenance needed and you can attest that it is durable.

3. CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor, 6 Gallon, Pancake, Oil-Free

This product maximizes portability and stored gas inside. The unit is also oil free so, you can make sure that it is durable and no maintenance. Moreover, Craftsman Air Compressor provides the 13 pieces accessory kit just for you. Besides, to prove that they really want to serve, the manufacturer provides 1-year warranty.


  • Offers many accessories
  • Friendly price
  • Light weight


  • Not so durable accessories

Craftsman air compressor is perfect for you if you want to have an oil free unit. You can make sure that it will last for a long time. In addition, the manufacturer adds on many accessories so that you can do multiple task through their air compressor.

4. Campbell Hausfeld 8 Gallon Portable Quiet Air Compressor

Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor features their 50% quieter than ordinary compressors. It only produces 68 dBA that makes it perfect for both in and outdoor works. Moreover, their product is surely durable because it is oil free and maintenance free. Its large and sturdy wheels help you transport it from one place to another easily.


  • Quiet compressor
  • Easy adjustment
  • Easy to assemble


  • Takes a bit longer to fill up

This compressor is best for you if you want to have a very quiet time that cannot disturb the neighbors nearby. Furthermore, its transportation will not be a problem because its large wheels will make the task easy for you. It may take time to fill up but its better since it accommodates 8 gallons, it also means that you can use it longer.

5. California Air Tools 8010A Ultra Quiet & Oil-Free Lightweight Air Compressor

The manufacturer features their 60 dBA air compressor. In other words, California Air Tools 8010A is one of the quietest air compressors in the market. It allows you to work even indoors without making a very loud noise that will surely disturb people around. Moreover, California Air Tools uses aluminum air tank to make sure that it is free from corrosion.


  • Very Quiet
  • Fittings are tight
  • Durable wheels


  • Takes a little time to fill up

If noise is your primary concern in buying air compressor, this one is the answer to your prayers. Even though, the unit is quite heavy, its big and durable wheels will help you in transport it easily. Moreover, its oil-free pump can be used in different temperatures. California Air Tools 8010A Ultra Quiet is made sturdy to give best performance.

6. PORTER-CABLE Air Compressor, 6-Gallon, Pancake, Oil-Free

The product is designed with a pancake style tank to ensure that it is stable during use. PORTER-CABLE Pancake Compressor offers 150 psi max tank to accommodate more air for longer usage. Moreover, its motor starts easily even the weather in the place is cold. The manufacturers feature the type of motor they used that gives high performance and surely last long.


  • Easier to carry
  • Durable
  • Good price


  • Instruction is not clear

If you want to own a durable air compressor for a very friendly price, Cable Pancake is a good choice. Moreover, many air compressors are hard to start up when the weather is cold, but this one uses a motor to address that problem. Starting it up is not hassle anymore. Don’t go home without it.

7. California Air Tools 2010A Ultra Quiet and Oil-Free 1.0 HP 2.0-Gallon

The California Air Tools 2010A Ultra Quiet and Oil-Free Air Compressor addresses noise disturbance issue. It only produces 60 dBA of sound. The manufacturer uses a lightweight air tank for easy transportation. Moreover, their unit features its Oil-Free Dual Piston pump that promises durability and high performance.


  • Very quiet
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile


  • Limited air

If you don’t want to disturb people while using your air compressor, California Air Tools Ultra Quiet is perfect for you. With its 60 decibels noise, the normal conversation is louder than the sound it produces. You can now work without creating unpleasant sound.

Moreover, its weight allows you to carry it easily and place it where your work required to. Besides, the motor they used has a thermal overload protection. So, over heating is now not a problem when using the unit.

Buying Guide

Air compressors cost much depending on the brand and its features. That is why, you should not rush in picking yours. There are many things to look into before paying for an air compressor. Here are the details you need to check:

Number of Cylinders

Number of cylinders matters in picking an air compressor. There are two type of these; the single-stage and the two-stage compressor. The main difference between the two is the number of times the air gets compressed in the inlet valve and tool nozzle. In other words, single-stage compressor compresses the air once only while in the two-stage, it compresses the air twice. This simply means that in two-stage compressor, the air is doubled pressurized.

Furthermore, two-stage compressor runs cooler and gives more CFM than single-stage. But still, single cylindered air compressor is good enough.

Duty Cycle

Put it in your mind that duty cycle is one of the most important details to check before buying an air compressor. Mostly, you will see duty cycle expressed in percentage form. Moreover, it gives you an idea about how many minutes you can run your compressor out of a 10-minute period.

Let’s assume that you bought a compressor with a 50% duty cycle. It means that you cannot use your compressor more than 5 minutes in a 10-minute period. Maybe you are wondering what will happen when you forcedly let it run more that its duty cycle. Well, if you exceed, the pump turns hot and affects its motor. In other words, you cannot expect that your unit will last.

Consider at least a 75% to 100% duty cycle air compressor for a continuous work.

Life Expectancy

Do not get attracted with the discounts offered by the manufacturer. As a wise buyer, you need to ask for the life expectancy of the air compressor. Usually, we checked out product immediately when we see 20% or 30% discount is offered. However, this may sometimes lead to regret. Always look for the reviews about how durable the product is.

Moreover, if you cannot see information about the said, do not hesitate to call the manufacturer. Even if the product costs a lot than others, but when it lasts longer, you can surely save in the long run. As a tip, don’t focused on discounts, look for a high-quality air compressor.

Tank Size

You are maybe asking if the size of the air compressor tank matters. Well, not that much. The tank is only used as air storage and nothing more. It doesn’t have the ability to produce air. Pump and motors are more important since they do the task.

However, the size of the tank affects the weight of the unit. So, if you want a compressor that can easily be carried and transported, pick one with smaller tank. Moreover, majority of the air compressors with smaller tanks are lot cheaper in price compare to those with larger tanks.

Fixed or Portable

In choosing an air compressor, look for its type; whether portable or fixed. Fixed air compressor stays on its place. It cannot be moved since it is usually bolted to the foundation or the ground to prevent movement. On the other hand, portable air compressor is a type that can be transported easily. In other words, this type is handy and can possibly transfer from one place to another.

If you compare the two, of course fixed type is a lot heavier than the portable one. Moreover, if you want to buy a portable type, it’s better to choose those with wheels.

Sound It Produces

One complains of air compressor users is the noise it produces when you use it. It disturbs the ear of people around. However, there are many types of air compressors it the market that create lesser noise. Many manufacturers successfully designed compressors that produce lesser noise compare to normal conversation noise.

With that type, you can use it indoors or even at night when you need to. You can now work without disturbing your neighbors.

Power Supply

Check for the power source the unit requires before buying it. It can be electric or gasoline powered. Electric powered compressors are best for indoor works since power supply is surely available. On the other hand, the gasoline powered compressors are perfect for outdoor works where electricity is impossible to reach.

Moreover, gasoline powered air compressor produces more smoke and smell. Also, gasoline is expensive. Using of this type is not advisable to places without proper ventilation.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

To surely assist you in buying the best one, we provided frequently asked questions with answer to make things clear to you.

Q1: What will happen if I use my air compressor more than 5 minutes when its duty cycle is 50% only?

Answer: The motor will get hot and will surely affects its performance in the future use.

Q2: What are the two types of air compressor stage?

Answer: The single-stage and the two-stage. Two stage doubled its pressurized air.

Q3: Which is better, the portable or fixed type?

Answer: It depends on your work. Portable type is perfect for a work that requires the unit to be transported.

Q4: What is the disadvantage of gasoline powered air compressor?

Answer: Gasoline powered emits smoke so it not advisable to unventilated places.

Q5: What duty cycle is a better choice?

Answer: A compressor with at least 75% duty cycle is good buy.

Q6: Is tank size matter a lot?

Answer: Honestly, it doesn’t matter that much. Focus on the motor and the pump.

Q7: What type of air compressor best indoor?

Answer: An electric powered type is better inside since electric supply is available.

Final Verdict

There are a lot of reasons why we need an air compressor for our impact wrenches. The pressurized air it produces gives enough power to do the work for you. Do not much effort to tasks that can be possibly done with the use of technology.

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