Best Hand Saw For Cutting Trees in 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Hand Saw For Cutting Trees

It’s okay to worry about the chaos a tree creates by using the best hand saw for cutting trees.

Suppose you are tired of resorting to unconventional tools to nickname your trees from knowing the best saws.

A hand saw is very useful for cutting branches and also for removing entire trees from the garden.

Those who care about maintaining their gardens should take into account which is the most practical hand saws. Take a good look at saws and make the best decision after reading this guide to tree saws.

Keeping a house in perfect condition is quite difficult, especially when there are trees in the garden. Hand saws are very useful when you need to cut down trees that should no longer be in your yard.

What is the Tree Cutting Best Hand Saw?

You will be able to analyze the best hand saw to cut trees. So, that you can make the wisest decision for your home jobs. You do not need to wait for the worst to happen; it is better to cut down those trees that you no longer need at home.

You will see the best ten saws and a buyer’s guide full of information during the description. Get ready to see the best mountain ranges.

Top 10 Best Hand Saws for Cutting Tree

Well, now are going to write top 10 best product reviews by following our buying guide. You can follow our reviews or you can read the buying guide to know how to choose the perfect one.

But you can rely on us.

1. Folding Hand Saw Wood Saw Multi -Purpose 8″ Triple Cut Carbon Steel Blade

It stands out for being a multipurpose saw used to cut both kinds of wood from trees and other utensils. It is ideal for keeping your garden in perfect condition throughout the year, giving you precise and long-lasting cuts without effort.


  • Has a hardened eight-inch blade giving precise and beautiful cuts for any garden.
  • This is the best saw for cutting tree branches because its ergonomic handle makes it non-slip for trimming trees.
  • The design is Japanese, which provides buyers with a saw that will last a lifetime.
  • One benefit is that you can adjust the saw with the locking style, adapting it to all your needs for cutting trees.
  • Lightweight and precise.
  • Lasts a lifetime.
  • Easy to use.
  • Reduces friction giving impressive cuts.
  • Not useful for trees that are too big.

2. BBahco 10-30-23 30-Inch Ergo Bow Saw for Green Wood

If you are looking for the best saw for cutting wood, Bahco is a great option. The arched shape of the saw design makes the process of cutting trees easy to do.


  • It is an excellent manual tree saw that gives you perfect and fast cuts.
  • Its design is made to resist for a long time and comply with different cuts of trees.
  • So, it has a knuckle protector to avoid accidents and provide greater speed.
  • Its lightweight design makes it transportable when used outside the home for other jobs.
  • Thanks to its pointed nose, you can remove branches with difficult access.
  • The ergonomic handle makes it comfortable.
  • Lightweight & easy to use.
  • Generates straight cuts.
  • Serves hardwoods.
  • Speeds up jobs.
  • Your blade must be replaced periodically to be effective.

3. Fiskars 24″ Bow Saw SW31, Fixed Blade, Length 70cm

Fiskars 24″ Bow Saw SW31 is the best hand saw for cutting wood type when it comes to cutting thick branches. Its design is manual, so you can adjust your force to obtain great cutting results on your trees.


  • It is excellent for cutting thick branches in your garden.
  • The blade stays sharp for a long time because it is made of hardened steel.
  • Adapts to all types of woodcutting jobs.
  • Does not suffer from corrosion because the blade resists rust.
  • The frame is lightweight, so you don’t feel too heavy when moving.
  • It has a lifetime guarantee because it is made of good materials that resist for years.
  • Its casing is made of tubular steel.
  • It is lightweight.
  • Provides fast cuts.
  • It is comfortable and very price.
  • Not fully perfect for cutting trees.
  • Requires blade change.

4. Folding Saw, Heavy Duty Extra Long 11 Inch Blade Hand Saw for Wood Camping

This is the best hand saw for woodworking at home or a summer vacation camp. Its resistance makes the job of naming your trees a hobby and not a long-term job.


  • It is ideal for camping jobs and also for daily garden use.
  • Excellent for cutting dry wood and long reach branches.
  • The blade cut is very sharp for quick cuts.
  • Its quality makes the saw last in perfect condition for many years.
  • With its textured rubber-padded handle, it makes lefties do a great job.
  • Cuts dry, greenwood without limiting.
  • Serves for all types of woods.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is comfortable and transportable.
  • Durability is fine.
  • It is limited to cutting branches greater than 15 inches.

5. TABOR TOOLS Folding Saw with 8 Inch Straight Blade and Solid Grip Handle, Hand Saw for Pruning Trees

The power of this design’s blade to prune your gardens and make other difficult cuts is impressive. This is the best multi purpose saw for doing tree trimming jobs at home and on the go.


  • Good for home jobs, clearing forest roads, and more.
  • Its blade is of great power which facilitates perfect cuts to different trees.
  • The saw is made to resist rust.
  • Its size makes it easy to take it wherever you want to be prepared for any emergency.
  • Serves to cut branches up to 3.9 inches adapting to various situations.
  • The blade has a three-angle design for versatile work.
  • It is very hard.
  • It is light and portable.
  • Price is low.
  • Its handle is comfortable.
  • The blade may break on difficult cutting work.

6. Truper 30255 Steel Handle Bow Saw, 21-Inch Blade

Thanks to the 21-inch size Truper is the best saw for cutting trim, medium, and large cuttings with different thicknesses. Make precise cuts with all the security provided by cam-lever technology to highlight and spruce up your garden.


  • It is used for small gardens and for cutting work in carpentry.
  • It is easy to maintain, so it is easy to care for its durability.
  • Its arched shape makes cutting easier and keeps your hands safer.
  • Being a light saw, you can make your cuts with complete peace of mind without worrying about the tree’s size.
  • If you already have several projects in mind, you can make it happen with Truper because it is an efficient tool.
  • Has a great price.
  • It is of great quality.
  • Gives precise cuts.
  • Provides effective branch cutting.
  • You should lubricate the blade to last longer.

7. Irwin 218HP300 12-Inch Combi-Saw with Wood Cutting and Hacksaw Blades

Of the types of hand saws, Irwin 12 inch saw is an excellent option to cut garden trees or their branches. When you see the welded frame, you can think it will provide you with excellent stability when cutting branches or trees.


  • It is made of alloy steel to offer precise cuts in the garden or more professional jobs.
  • Because it is a lightweight saw, it is ideal for taking away from home.
  • The blade is replaceable, so you don’t lose your precision cutting benefits.
  • It is a blade made of metal and wood to make cutting a pleasant experience.
  • You can cut different sizes of wood in a short time without having to strain.
  • It is light.
  • Comfortable to wear due to its shape.
  • Allows for clean cutting jobs.
  • It’s economic.
  • Its leaves run out, making it necessary to replace it with another.

8. Bahco Bow Saw #9 All Purpose – 3/4″ x 36″ blade

This brand of saw functions is to offer excellent woodcuts and other uses at a low price. It is a practical saw for household jobs, commercial jobs, and other jobs that include the tool’s use.


  • It is an inexpensive saw with which you can cut trees wherever you are.
  • It is a cheap version of the different types of saws sold in the markets of the world of saws.
  • If the saw blade does not offer efficient work, you can easily replace it.
  • Thanks to the fact that it has a tension lever, you can make safe cuts in your woodwork.
  • This saw is ideal for beginners.
  • It is a light saw.
  • Its design makes it easy to grip.
  • Sheets are easily exchanged.
  • Cheap.
  • Its durability time can be affected by work.

9. Corona RazorTOOTH Folding Pruning Saw

The efficiency of this saw is almost as good as types of electric saws because it cuts quickly. It makes excellent cuts in small and medium branches that are placed in your garden. Do not doubt that you will have an excellent homemade saw.


  • It is one of the best saws on the market to make even cuts to removing branches.
  • It is used to cut live wood or its dry approach since the blade is of excellent quality.
  • With this saw, you set aside with conventional to make smooth and safe cuts.
  • The cutting time of this saw is fast because it is made to perform.
  • Durability is almost a human lifetime.
  • Its quality is excellent.
  • Makes quick cuts.
  • Ideal for different jobs.
  • Excellent brand.
  • Very light.
  • Very high price.
  • It is limited to large branches.

10. BLACK+DECKER Electric Hand Saw with Storage Bag

One of the best electric hand saws is the PHS550B model because it has power for effortless cuts. The market value is more expensive, but it offers 3.4 amps of power to get your jobs done.


  • You don’t need to strain because you connect this saw to power, and it will do the job for you.
  • Able to remove entire medium trees if necessary.
  • Includes a storage bag that you can use to transport this tool.
  • Besides wood, you can cut plastic, iron, and many other compounds.
  • This is the best tool for cutting tree branches.
  • Performance to get jobs done in a short time.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Facilitates the cutting process.
  • No effort required.
  • It is very powerful.
  • Needs electrical current to cut the trees.

Buying Guide

Carefully analyzing the needs that you must cover in a saw is essential to make an efficient purchase. Without a doubt, you will find in the guide what you need to know before buying the best hand saw to cut trees.

Buyers must take into account many types of factors that simplify the purchase job. Ideally, the buyer should carefully check the work area and storage space for tools. It does not matter if it is the first time you buy a manual saw because the guide will teach you the essentials.

Without further ado, the factors to consider when buying a Sierra are the following:

1. Durability

Investing in a cheap saw is not always the right thing to do since they last for less time. The durability of a saw depends on the type of frame that the saw has and manufacture materials. Steel saws are usually excellent, but you will need hand protection to avoid injury from friction when cutting trees.

The best hand saw for cutting logs is one where the frame materials are of good quality. Some saws last a lifetime thanks to the efficiency of the materials. Material made from high-density plastics can last for a long time, depending on the job.

Make a good investment by spending on a saw that can be useful for life for all types of cutting work. Try that. You only have to replace the blade, and the saw itself remains the same.

2. Types of the Frame

There are different types of frames with which you can get a great tree saw. The most common frames are those of Japanese design and in the shape of an arc. Depending on the needs of each buyer, they can choose a flat model for easier jobs.

The more comfortable the frame, the simpler the cutting process you will have in your tree cutting jobs. There are hundreds of frames on the market, but the most common are more efficient. Thanks to the frames made in a tubular shape, it is easy to make cuts without lasting too long in small branches.

There are frames in which the sheet can be adjusted and others in which it simply remains static. The frame must have an adjustment that will tension the blade for faster-cutting speed.

3. Handling

When buying the best folding pruning saw, it is necessary to know how to handle it. The handling depends on the buyer knowing which hand he has the most dexterity to do his job with. There are saws with which you can cut lightly and other tails that require more force.

By practicing yourself, you can feel better use with a specific type of saw. If the wood is in a tight place, the handling is better with a hacksaw.

4. Types of Cutting Jobs

For what type of wood do you need to have a saw?

Hand saws come for different types of wood. Hacksaws are usually more accurate for use on hardwoods. In another aspect, saws with a plastic handle are perfect for softer woods.

In general, electric saws are made to meet the needs of hard and thick woods. The Black & Decker PHS550B is proof that saws are useful for all types of wood.

5. Easy Transportation

The best tree cutter is one that you can use to carry around without a problem. An average size wood saw will help you do professional work outside the home. If you want to use your saw on trips and recreation times, it should be small and light.

If you are going to move from one side to another, it is necessary that the saw you carry is less than 15 inches. Limiting yourself to distant jobs is not an option, so you should look for the right one.

6. Storage

Where in your home do you plan to store your hand saw?

A small saw can go inside the garage without causing any hindrance to storage. Hand saws are great because they are easy to store at home and take out when needed. The space a saw occupies does not alter your order.

You can store the saws along with other garden implements by choosing one that is not so large. Electric saws take up a little more space, so you should check if you can have it. If you work in a wood workshop, it may be easier for you to store several saws.

Some saws can be practically carried in a small bag not to take up space at home. The 8-inch saws are transportable in some cases, even in pockets.

7. Types of the Manual Saw

The most used types of manual saw are the following:

Bow Saw

It is characteristic for having an arch in the saw and is particularly formed by:

  • saw blade
  • the arc
  • Handle.

This saw is made especially for woods with large size because most of them are large. These saws are also good for cutting plastic and metal. Dry woods are usually cut efficiently with arc frame types.

Japanese Saw

The model of these saws is straighter and is used for cutting all types of wood. The best pruning saw for trees is this model because it provides the ability to remove unwanted limbs easily. A Japanese saw is also multipurpose because you can use it to cut other materials depending on the blade.

It is very normal that, just because it looks a little more like a knife, people doubt this type of saw. Japanese saws are just great.

Versatile Saws for Plastic Material

Plastic cutting saws are generally metal saws because they make these cuts more feasible. Metal saws usually last a lifetime.

Versatile Saws for Metal Material

The saws that have metal cutting are those capable of penetrating the metal easily. It doesn’t matter if you buy a wood saw; it will always be nice to have one that works with everything.

8. Sierra Blade

The blade is very important because you can measure how fast you will cut and their efficiency thanks to it. If you are looking for the best hand saw to cut firewood, the blade probably has a lot to do with this. A weak blade is usually damaged after just a few jobs.

The best blades are hardened steel because they last longer without deteriorating. It is always good that you buy a replacement blade so that you can change it whenever it is necessary. Folding blades are usually good for small yard wood jobs.

A blade must be adjusting the tension so that it is efficient and does not loosen too much. Remember that saws are the specific size of blades, so you have to know which one to buy.

9. Size

The saws’ size determines how efficient it is typically at making small cuts to much wider cuts. If you need to remove only small branches, 8-inch saws are much better. The eleven-inch saws are for satisfying cuts of medium woods.

In the case of a 21-inch saw, this is usually ideal for adjusting to distant branches that are also strong. When you think that the wood’s size is too large, you better try with electric saws. Thanks to the wide market, it is easy to find different sizes of hand saws.

The best saw to cut tree limbs will always be the one that is well suited to the functions of your purposes. Evaluate the field of work and purchase a larger size saw than required.

10. Weight

Weight is another important feature of saws because, in some cases, it is better to be light. Light saws have better cutting possibilities because they generate ease when they are away from the ground. In other cases, to cut dry wood, it is good that the weight is a little higher, giving body to the movement.

Some saws can weigh more than 10 pounds making it limited to carry from one site to another. The good thing about hand saws is that the market is practically saturated with many lightweight saws. The total weight of the saw depends on the blade you choose to cut.

11. Sawteeth

The teeth of manual saws give functionality and precision to a cut made, being almost all efficient. In general, interchangeable blades can have different teeth if you do not want the current one. In general, one of the characteristics of the teeth lie in:

• Saws with a higher number of cutting teeth give fine cuts. In addition to this, the finish is also usually much better, so you get a better result.

• In another perspective, the lower the number of teeth the saw has, the faster the cut will be. This, of course, is because the wood has less interference. The problem, in this case, is that the finishes are not so fine.

You can choose according to the number of teeth you need, adapting your work mainly.

Best Brands Of Hand Saws For Cutting Trees

If you love to know best brands of hand saws for cutting trees, you can check this part. We researched and found 4 best brands by following our criteria. So, you can check these 4 brands hand saws for cutting trees.

1. Truper

This brand has the best tool for cutting wood because it has excellent saws. For many years this market brand has offered many good manual tree trimmers. Today the brand sells a whole line of top quality home products.

2. Bacho

Bacho is recognized for being an international brand that sells the best manual saws for the home. This brand has the best saw for cutting straight wood and other features to do efficient jobs. The frames of the Saws are made of the best quality offering different prices.

3. Irwin

This brand has the best hand saw for wood because they adapt their tools to different textures. This brand is sold both in the US and in other countries on the American continent. Although the value of some saw is high, the quality is worth every dollar.

4. Fiskars

The brand comes from Finland, and today in the US market, there are various hand saws with their characteristic quality.

Quick Decision

If you have no time in your pocket, then you can read this FAQs part.


Here are some common questions with answers. If you read these questions and answers, you can easily understand how to choose a perfect hand saw to cut trees.

So, keep reading.

1. What is the best small branch saw?

Most saws are good for cutting small branches because they are easy to penetrate.

2. What is the best saw for medium and large branches?

Black & Decker PHS550B is a good choice for cutting larger branches because it is effortless.

3. Are there manual saws that are electric?

Black & Decker PHS550B is a specific case of electrically powered hand saws.

4. Are Some Hand Saws Versatile?

The Bahco Multipurpose Bow Saw is excellent for cutting different materials besides wood.

5. Is the frame or the sash more important?

Both are important because the first provides comfort and the second cutting efficiency.

6. What saw is used to cut hardwood?

Truper Bow Shaped Saw is excellent for hardwood because it has a 21-inch reach.

7. What is the best beginner saw?

Bahco multipurpose bow saw is a great option for people planning to learn how to cut trees at home.

8. What is the usefulness of the saw handle?

The knob on the hand saw is for you to position your hand and do the tough job of cutting. The comfort of the handle provides better cutting efficiency.

9. What is the best affordable saw?

The Bahco Bow Saw is inexpensive and useful.

10. Why is the Slack Adjuster Important?

With it, you can adjust the tension of the blade to cut better.

Final Verdict

Hand saws have been around for many years thanks to their utility in carpentry and tree cutting jobs. The diverse variety of presented hand saws give you an approach to what you need for your jobs.

If you plan to spruce up your garden for a long time, add the best reciprocating saw pruning blade to the saw. Keep in mind that a saw is essential not only for trees but also for cutting other materials.

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