Best 2 Point Sling Attachment Points in 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best 2 Point Sling Attachment Points

Two- point sling refers to the strap that is in between the rifle barrel and its stock. It is very hard for the shooter to carry the rifle by his hands all the time.

Are you looking for a best hunting rifle sling? How about for the best tactical sling for ar15 or for the best tactical shotgun sling and many more? Well, this article will help you a lot.

Furthermore, this shows the best 2-point sling attachment points including top 7 product reviews. So keep reading to know more.

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Benefits of 2 Point Sling Attachment Points

Maybe there were times wherein you were confused what is the best single point bungee sling or the best single point sling for ar15. But let me show to you the benefits of using 2-point sling.

Quick Adjusting

You may have had the best single point sling back then, however, 2-point sling is better. Two-point sling has adjustment points to change the length of the strap rapidly. It has a pull-tab to make it possible.

Multiple Methods of Use

This kind of sling allows you to wear it in different ways. You may use it across your body with the carbine on front side, across the front of the body with the carbine resting diagonally on your back or simply over one shoulder.

Increases Shooting Accuracy

It helps you to shot accurately. This sling can be effortlessly adjusted and positioned for more stable position for good shot.

Top 2-Point Sling Attachment Points Reviews

This article will help you decide on the best 2-point sling attachment points. Many good kinds of 2 Point Sling Attachment Points sell in the market, however, these 7 were considered by the editors as top.

Whichever you will choose, surely you will like.

1. CVLIFE Two Points Rifle Sling

This two-point rifle sling is made up from great quality Nylon material. You can assure or an exceptionally strong sling because nylon fibers are known to be stronger that polyester fibers. This will surely secure your rifle safe in its place.

  • With larger clips to fit the rifle.
  • Equipped with snap hooks.
  • Has adjustment thumb loops.
  • Affordable price.
  • The hook and the buckles are made up of plastic.

The product is very great for your rifle. Its affordable price is a great help for your pocket. Expect for a durable nylon made sling.

2. Accmor 2 Point Sling

This kind of sling is made up of light stuff. It assures a long lifespan of the product because of the Nylon fiber as its main material in the making. The sling may be used for other purpose such as camera bags, shoulder bag and rifle sling.

  • The price is inexpensive.
  • Durable slings.
  • Made from heavy duty materials.
  • Extra-long sling.
  • Lack of manual.

So the product helps you a lot not only in carrying your rifle but also your camera bags or shoulder bags. Its price will not hurt your pocket.

3. S2Delta – 2 Point Rifle Sling

This sling offers one hand adjustment for changing the length easily. Furthermore, this sling is designed and made form USA. So S2Delta’s slings are lightweight without sacrificing the great quality and strength. Moreover, the materials used in the making are entirely from USA.

  • Has 2 shoulder straps.
  • Lightweight.
  • Solid and well-made sling.
  • Easy detach of modular connectors from the main sling.
  • Not that long.

When looking for an excellent quality sling, consider S2Delta – 2 Point Rifle Sling. Because its special one hand adjustment feature makes it accessible in your part. Since it is designed, assembles and made from USA, quality if really the focus.

4. The Experts Choice – Superior 2 Point Rifle Sling

This rifle sling’s pride is its impressive features. It adapts to the real world experiences. Furthermore, the sling is really made to operate in combat conditions. So superior 2-point rifle sling facilitates rapid transition to help you shot with stability.

  • With extra shoulder padding.
  • Has a durable and resilient sling.
  • Suitable for heavier and bulkier weapons.
  • Outstanding Quality.
  • Bigger and heavier.

Superior 2-point rifle sling is the best product for those who are seeking for a sling that will carry your heavy weapon. Its quality will surely impress you. Moreover, some review stated that it excels beyond their expectation.

5. Eagle Rock Gear 550 Paracord 2 Point Gun Sling

This multi-purpose sling uses parachute cord to ensure its durability. It can be used for many survival situations for the user. Moreover, the sling gas an easy pull loop to help user adjust the length of the sling.

  • Parachute chord integration.
  • Well-built sling.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Easy tightening and loosening feature.
  • Buckles come undone easily.

Eagle Rock Gear 550 paracord 2-point gun sling offers a great deal. Aside from the reasonable price, the manufacturer attached parachute chord for additional help for the user. So don’t hesitate to pick one.

6. Lanhe Tactical 550 Paracord

This sling is made form duty 600D nylon webbing and handmade 550 parachute chord. Moreover, it helps the user to make sure that it will endure for a long time whatever climate condition he is in. The paracord can de detached from its sling for emergency purposes.

  • Made from heavy duty materials.
  • Upgraded metal clip to fit the rifle.
  • 360-degree rotation of swivel.
  • Has 1 breathable shoulder pad.
  • Thin clips.

When you are looking for a handmade nylon webbed sling, consider the lanhe tactical 550 Paracord 2 Point Rifle Sling. So the common complains of rifle user is their aching shoulder. However, this product has not only 1 but 2 breathable shoulder pad to lessen the pain.

7. CRUSHUNT M-lok Two P-oint QD

This product promises a reduced weight sling while enduring its good quality. CRUSHUNT M-lok Two P-oint QD Sling has a high-strength swivel made up of steel to make sure not broken easily. The manufacturer also provided the Allen key to help you make installation easier.

  • Made from durable materials.
  • 360-degree rotation of swivel.
  • Swivel made up of steel.
  • Incompatibility of some weapon’s Modular Lock.

When you want to ensure a good quality of sling, you look for CRUSHUNT M-lok Two P-oint QD Sling. Its swivel made of steel stands out to secure your rifle from falling.

Buying Guide – Sling Attachment Points

With the numerous good feature of 2-point slings in the market, you are maybe confused of which should be chosen.

So here are things you need to consider in making a wise buy of 2-point sling for your rifle:


Before buying as sling for your weapon, ask these questions in your mind, Is the sling quick to adjust? So can I attach the sling into my rifle easily?

Do not purchase when you know that the design of the sling is not that friendly to attached into your rifle. Moreover, during emergency situations, is the sling can be adjusted quickly according to the need of the situation?

The design of the sling affects your overall success in attaching it to your weapon. So the best thing to do first is to familiarize the specifications of your own weapon. Moreover, failing to do so will eventually purchasing a wrong sling. You should really consider compatibility between the rifle and the sling.

Nature of Job

What are the other purposes of your sling aside from attaching rifle on it? Because different usage of weapon means different feature needs in choosing a sling. So there is best rifle sling for hunting.

A hunter’s sling somehow needs a simpler kind compare to the soldiers. If your activities need more complex kind of sling, such as with parachute chord attachment, that should be considered aside from the design.

Materials Used

The kind of materials used in making the product matters a lot. So you can actually choose between synthetic and leather made slings.

Leathers are best for hunting rifles and shotguns. On the other hand, synthetic slings such as made up of nylon are best for special feature of tactical slings.


Am I comfortable with this kind of sling? Will my shoulder pain be mitigated when I purchase this? Try to consider these questions.

Even how durable and good the design is, if it will not offer comfortability, well the product is not the best.


When purchasing a sling, try to think about how long you will use the sling. Is the sling last up to 10 years? So do not settle for a sling that will help you for only couple of months.

Best ar15 single point sling is rampant nowadays. However, try to consider the durability of the product. Is single-point sling lasts longer than 2-point sling?

You invest money in buying a certain product. Make sure to enjoy the product for a long time. Even if a certain product is more expensive than then other, but if proven durable, choosing it is still a wise choice.

You can actually do computation to better understand it. Divide the number of years a product would last from its price. You will surely see the difference.

For example, sling A costs $ 30 that will last for 6 years vs. sling B for $50 that has 25 years as its lifespan.

1. Sling A= $30/ 6 years
2. Sling A= 5
3. Sling B= $50/ 25 years
4. Sling B= 2

Therefore, even if sling B costs more than sling A, in the long run, you can still save in choosing sling B.


Is the price reasonable? Always compare prices before deciding to buy a sling. If there are slings with the same feature and quality but differ in price, choose for the reasonable one. The key for a wise buy is, comparing the features of the product first. Lastly, compare the price.

Expensive products do not always assure quality. Make checking for the specification a habit.

Length and Weight

Every human differs in body size and structure. One repetitive complain is about the length of the sling that cannot accommodate the whole body of the owner. Make sure to look for the length and weight of the product.

Do not choose too heavy sling. Remember, you hang the weapon for couple of hours or days maybe. But, if the sling is very heavy, it addends to your burden to carry.

FAQs – 2 Point Sling Attachment Points

Here are the frequently asked questions about the 2-point sling attachment points. Answers are provider after each questions.

Q1: Can I use any 2 Point Sling design for my rifle?

Answer: Not all. There are some designs that are not compatible to the feature of your own weapon. Be familiar with your weapon first before seeking for a sling.

Q2: Which is better, the leather or synthetic sling?

Answer: It depends upon your preference. If you want to have a more durable sling that will last for 10-20 years, choose leather. However, if you want to have a modified kind that will be used for tactical purposes, you may consider synthetic.

Q3: Are all durable slings heavy?

Answer: Durability cannot be linked to how heavy the sling is. Because of technological advancement, even the weight of the durable things can be reduced in weight.

Q4: Why two-point sling better than the one-point sling?

Answer: Two point slings usually add more stability and options for rifles but add more material to the sling as a result.

Q5: What will be the possible problem if I choose sling with metal swivel?

Answer: Since metal is highly corrosive. The primary problem will be the tendency of rust formation. Rust forms when iron and oxygen react in the presence of water or moisture in the air.

Q6: How to remove rust from the swivel part of the sling?

Answer: Baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and vinegar are the home made rust remover. Just soak the metal part in the solution for 30 minutes.

Q7: What is the difference between 2-point sling to 3-point sling?

Answer: The three-point sling does important things such as, it secures the rifle to your body, keeps it in place when you are moving, and allows you to transition to multiple different carry positions with relative ease.

Final Verdict

The best 2-point sling is still depending upon your need. Always make the right choice. Do not settle for less. Choose the best.

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