Best Ladder Stand for Bowhunting in 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Ladder Stand for Bowhunting

If hunting is your hobby, you are surely familiar with ladder stand. Ladder stand has a ladder, a platform where a hunter may stand or sit. So now, you can make sense why it is mandatory of a best ladder stand for bowhunting.

It helps huntsman to be in a good position while seeking for something to hunt. Furthermore, it possessed a part that is used to fit around the trunk of a tree.

So this post will help you decide about the best ladder stand for bowhunting including the top reviews.

Features of Ladder Stand for Bowhunting

Ladder stand plays a very important role in a hunter’s life. So it is really important to select a perfect one. As a result, if you follow these features, we can ensure you for the best one of ladder stand.

Great Chances of Successful Hunting

Since when you use ladder stand, you are surely at the top, deer will not see you directly. So it increases the chances of productive hunting.

Makes You Secure

In reality, you can actually use your skills in climbing the tree by your own. However, this ladder helps you to be secured when you are on top compare to climbing from one branch to another.

Less Hassle

The best climbing tree stand saves your effort from climbing by yourself. So with the proper installation, hunting will never be the same again.

Top 7 Ladder Stand For Bowhunting Reviews

Since the best is what you deserve, here are the top 7 ladder stand for bowhunting with costumers’ reviews.

1. Rivers Edge One Man Ladder Stand

This ladder-stand promises for a super stiff and stable ladder. Moreover, it possesses a ratcheting and ladder lock system.

Rivers edge one-man ladder stand features mesh seat for standing shot. So with its wide seat, you will be comfortable in waiting for something to hunt.

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Durable.
  • Has 5 straps for security.
  • Takes two persons to install.

If you are seeking for a best ladder tree stand, consider the River edge one-man ladder. This ladder promises to last for a long time.

In addition, its many straps support the hunter to be secured during his activities.

2. Guide Gear 18′ Archer’s Ladder Tree Stand

Do you know that you can actually have your own ladder stand for a cheap price? This ladder is tailor-made one that is perfect for stand-up shooting.

Moreover, its platform provides a safety space to perform your perfect shots.

  • Large foot platform.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Well-built.
  • Friendly price.
  • Prone to rust.

If you are looking for a best tree stand for bow hunting, this kind is good for you. Guide Gear 18′ Archer’s Ladder Tree Stand gives you confident in doing your hunting activities.

Further, the ladder excels for its noise-free assembly and superior stability. So you can rely on this ladder stand.

3. Guide Gear 21′ Deluxe Double Rail Ladder

This ladder offers for a comfortable padded seat. You will not be bored in seating while waiting for something to hunt.

Moreover, the double rail ladder made every steps of the ladder perfect to help you climb without complaining for your aching hips or knees.

  • Easy to follow manual for assemble.
  • Very tall.
  • Comfortable seat.
  • Prone to rust.

If you want to have the best ladder stands for bow hunting with a very comfortable seat, you look for Guide Gear 21′ Deluxe Double Rail Ladder.

The height of the ladder will surely help you to make bow hunting easier. In addition, its foldable footrest gives you chance to rest your legs.

4. Guide Gear 18′ Jumbo Ladder

When you are seeking for the best two-man ladder stands or just a ladder with bigger size, Guide Gear 18′ Jumbo Ladder is suitable for you. Its large foot platform allows you to freely stretch your feet during a long waiting. So it is perfectly made with 3 pinned ladder section for trouble-free storage.

  • Wider seat area.
  • Sturdy.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Manual is not very specific.

Guide Gear 18′ Jumbo Ladder gives you a good space to sit in. Its quality and reasonable price will not hurt your pocket that much. This product is surely what you are looking for it you are looking for the best 2-man ladder stand for small-built huntsman.

5. Rivers Edge RE656, Retreat 1-Man Ladder

This ladder features its teartuff mesh seat for your comfort. Your comfort is very important for this kind ladder. It makes sure that there will be plenty of space for your foot to rest while waiting and doing your activities.

  • Has rust protection coat.
  • Sturdy.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Smaller in size.

If you are looking for the best lightweight climbing tree stand, Rivers Edge RE656, Retreat 1-Man Ladder is suitable for you. This ladder is perfectly coated to avoid corrosion unlike other ladders.

6. Rivers Edge Big Foot XL Lounger Hang On Portable Hunting Tree Stand

Rivers Edge Big Foot XL Lounger is one the best portable tree stands. It tightly attached to the trunk of the tree. So its lever-action hang-on stand grips the trunk of the tree. It assures that you will not need other straps because it bites into the tree for security.

  • Comfortable and stable.
  • Hold bigger hunter.
  • Safe to use.
  • Not that easy installation.

If you are seeking for the best hang on tree stand for bowhunting, Big Foot XL Lounger is suitable for you. So its tight straps secure you from hanging above. Moreover, its best lock on tree stand make the ladder stable for your security.

7. Millennium Treestands L110 Ladder Stand

You are maybe seeking for the best climbing treestand for bowhunting. So this Millennium Treestands L110 Ladder Stand gives hunter a safe and comfortable. Its strong steel and strong are perfect for your hunting position.

  • Comfortable seat.
  • Easy to put up.
  • Anti-rust coat.
  • Not very clear instruction.

Millennium Treestands L110 Ladder Stand is one of the best climbing stand for bow hunting. So it’s anti-corrosion coat meets the demand of the hunters. Due to the changing weather and with presence of moisture, rust is really one of the problems.

Buying Guide – Ladder Stand for Bowhunting

Before you purchase a ladder stand for bowhunting, there are so much to consider. So here are the buying guides for a satisfying purchased.

Platform Size

Make sure to check for the ladder’s size. You can actually estimate whether the dimension of the product is suitable for you.

It wastes your money if the size cannot accommodate your figure. Consider your body size. Sometimes, because of failure to look in the product’s dimension, we ended up in regret in purchasing.

Ladder Length

If you are hunter, surely you already have this place where you usually do your hunting activities.

Try to notice the height of the trees in the area. Look for the maximum length of the ladder.  Purchase a ladder that is surely can fit to the length of the trees. So if the trees are too high, choose a long type ladder. However, when it is short, you can pick the shorter one.


Among all of the things you should consider, security must be on top. Remember, the ladder stand will hold you for the whole duration of hunting activity.

Check how secure is the ladder before installing it to the trunk of the tree. There are best climbing tree stand for the money that you have. It is not an assurance that those with higher price possessed the best quality.

Do not compromise your safety in choosing a ladder. Make sure that the materials used are strong and durable.


One thing you should ask before buying a product is, “Am I comfortable with this ladder?” In doing hunting activities, you need patience to wait for the animal to hunt. Moreover, the reality is, you sometimes need to wait for a very long day before a victim arrives.

The consequences of buying a non-satisfying product is body pain for sure. It causes hip and back aches when you are not comfortable with the position you are in.

We cannot deny the fact that as we grow old, our body and bones also bring complains. Hips and backs start to feel discomfort when sitting for a long time. Better choose the most comfortable ladder stand.


Is the product you are planning to purchase has a safety harness? Aside from its safety, consider the kind of material used in making the harness.

Harness should come in pair. It must be strong and bring comfort to the user. It is not enough if we will just look in its strength only, but the comfortability must be also considered.

Age of the Hunter

Do not forget to consider you age in picking the best hang on tree stand. Since every ladder possess different features, look for the space in every step.

If the you are not so young, choose a ladder that has closer ladder step from each other. Wider steps affect your ability to reach to the platform on top. Those wider space is good for young ones.

Moreover, there are types of ladder stands that have wider step beams. These kinds of ladders are best for seasoned hunters.

Color of the Ladder

One of the purpose of buying a ladder stand is for the huntsman to catch the animal using his bow without noticing it that much.

Animals such as deer are not used to look at the top of the tree. Usually, their eyes are more focused on the things around them. However, if they see human, the first reaction of course is to run.

There is a sure catch when the animals don’t notice you. Try to choose ladder that will somehow camouflaged to the color of the surroundings.

Ladder Stand for Bowhunting FAQs

To surely help you decide about the best ladder stand for you, here are some of the frequently asked questions with the answer for your basis:

Q1: Can I paint the ladder stand?

Answer: Absolutely yes! The best thing to do to avoid rapid building of rust in a metal is through painting it.

Q2: Is one-man ladder stand okay to use by two persons?

Answer: The security is compromise. A ladder has its own capacity. Since the design is for one man only, it should be followed to avoid accident.

Q3: May I install the ladder stand permanently in the trunk of the tree?

Answer: There is nothing wrong with it. However, since the ladder costs much, it is prone to stealing. On the other hand, because of changing weather from time to time, it weakens the materials.

Q4: Where can I store the ladder stand?

Answer: The best place to store the ladder stand is inside a store house where no water can enter inside. One major factor that weakens the materials is the rust. If possible, place it in a room.

Q5: Do I need to detach the parts of the ladder every after using?

Answer: There’s no need to. If you can just carry the ladder without detaching it, that is the best thing to do. Frequent detaching become a reason why some parts are lost.

Q6: What are the possible problems of buying a ladder stand?

Answer: This depends upon the product itself. Some problem involves difficult to understand manuals, stability of the ladder and the missing parts. 

Q7: How ladder helps you in your bowhunting?

Answer: It helps you to kill animals using your bow with lesser possibility of noticing by the animals.

Final Verdict

Ladders stand with different features are in the market for you to purchase. These features are designed for your convenience.

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