Learn How to Use A Circular Saw Perfectly

how to use a circular saw

Did you know that it is possible to cut a 2×4 wood using a circular saw? Not only does it save time, but also give precise cuts while using less effort cutting as compared to cutting the material manually or using a jigsaw.

how to use a circular saw

The only downside to using a circular saw is that it is noisy, more powerful sawdust spewer that if not properly handled can inflict serious injuries. It is for this reason that a novice might opt for a relatively safe and quiet jigsaw or drill, but with these instructions and practice, you can use the circular saw safely and with ease.


Before cutting the wood using a circular in is important to check the following for safety and precision of the cut.

  • Batteries and power should be disconnected before examining or doing any maintenance on the blade.
  • Check for damage on the saw and blade, any damage might ruin the lumber with a poor quality cut. The user should check for any cracks and chips on the blade, and if any are spotted, the blade should be replaced.
  • In the event a cordless circular saw is to be used, the batteries should be checked for a smooth workflow till the end of the project.
  • The circular saw’s mechanism should be also checked, the lower blade guard should snap into place if released and also retract seamlessly.

Setting the Blade

It is important to set the appropriate depth of the saw, if the blade is set too deep it might get stuck in the wood and also suspect the user to injuries, therefore, the blade should be exposed as little as possible.

Before setting the blade, unplug the saw or remove batteries then retract the blade.

The correct depth of the blade should not be more than a half inch below the 2 by 4 wood. To do this, hold the saw against the wood while adjusting it.

Fasten the blade upon getting the desired length.

Wood Support

For a steady and accurate workflow, do not support the wood on both ends as the presents a problem when approaching the end of the cut.

Supporting the wood on one end ensures that the cutoff-piece falls away from the secured section to prevent the wood from bending which cause the saw to buck suddenly if the wood is supported on both ends.

How to Cut A Straight Line

Using a circular saw for the first time can be difficult to maintain a straight cut due to increased power offered by the saw, however, the following instructions can make the cutting easier.

Using a pencil and a straight edge draw a straight line for guidance and an accurate cut, use a speed square tool to help you in mapping out a straight line.

While cutting the 2×4 wood edge, guide it steadily against the speed square fence to achieve an accurate cut.

Should the saw veer off-course, stop the saw immediately to stop the blade rotation then realign it to your desired direction following the line made.

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