Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner Installation Steps (DIY Guide)

Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner Installation

When someone gets a new ductless mini-split air conditioner, they tend to get worried about how to install it. To make it easier for them, we have created this guide ductless mini split air conditioner installation steps.

In this article, we will shed light on the steps taken to install the ductless air conditioner effectively. Also, the steps mentioned in this article can also be followed to install the air conditioner in any room of the house. Whether it’s an office, bedroom, TV lounger, and other rooms.

Let’s first talk about that a ductless air conditioner is.

What is Ductless Mini AC?

Almost each air conditioner utilizes the exact outside condenser and coils to generate the cold refrigerating which helps to cool the air in the home.

Furthermore, using ductless mini AC, anyone can regulate the temperature around the house without any extra consumption of the energy. That too, without comprising the function of the AC.

Steps of Ductless Mini Split AC Installation

Here, we will talk about the steps that are essential to follow in order to install a ductless mini-split AC, and the steps are:

Step 1

First of all, turn off the electricity to avoid any short circuit. Take the mounting bracket and place it to the wall. Put an outline over the locations for fixing the screw holes.

Step 2

Bore a hole of about 3 diameters into the wall, for the reason that the electrical cable of the unit may pass through the interior and exteriors of the house.

Step 3

Fix the mounting bracket with the wall by inserting screws because of it being steady. However, ensure it is even with the wall.

Step 4

While the mounting bracket is now fixed to the wall, install a mini ductless air conditioner. While doing this process, pass through the refrigerating lines and discharge line using the hole drilled into the wall.

Step 5

Fix a perpendicular chase straightly under the hole in the wall since the chase will fix the refrigerating lines, electrical cable, and discharge lines.

Step 6

At this step, enlarge the condensate line a few inches below the surface by adhering it with a PVC pipe. Also, tighten the discharge line with the pipe using duct tape. Furthermore, fix the lower side of the PVC pipe with the chase through screwing over a C-clamp of metal.

Step 7

Make sure to curve the refrigerating lines below the chase. At this point, utilize two wrenches (adjustable) to loosen the fitting of the compression from the sides of copper wires.

Step 8

Insert a nut made of brass into the length of the copper wires, also, use a flaring tool in order to flare the sides of the wire. Keep holding the end’s of the flared wire toward the edge of the refrigerating wire coming through the aircon.

Step 9

Another step is to tighten the nut for holding the copper wire with the refrigerant wire. Continue this procedure to attach another refrigerant wire.

Step 10

Install the outside condenser unit above the pad after attaching the chase. After that, make sure to utilize two wrenches that are adjustable in order to fix the fittings of the compression on the refrigerating wires.

Step 11

Likewise, at this point, cover the pipe insulation surrounding all the wires. Do not forget to install a weather-tight duct from the outside of the power box with the condenser system. As a result, install the electric wires with the duct.

Step 12

Try to move a electric cable that is non-metallic and sizeable in terms of length, through the condenser system toward the hole that was drilled into the wall, all the way to inside the air conditioner system.

Step 13

The most noteworthy thing to note at this point is to separate the cover from the chase in order to hide the wires and cables attached. So they don’t get any kind of dust or other damage.

Step 14

While following the above steps, the next step is to create an electrical connection between the condenser and the air conditioner, after that take a test of the system by providing pressure on it. (to provide pressure, use nitrogen gas of about 300 pounds / square inch in quantity).

Step 15

Also, at this step what you have to do is empty the nitrogen into the condenser, make sure to open the valves for the purpose of releasing refrigerating through the condenser to the air conditioning system.

Step 16

Finally, at the last step, turn the electricity on to test if the air conditioner is working.

There are a few other instructions that come with the system in the guide book, to test the system, go through the guide. Read to make sure to follow the process for testing if the air conditioner is operating efficiently.


We hope that this guide may have cleared your doubts and provided you some valuable insights for ductless mini split air conditioner installation. This task is not so difficult, one can also do it themselves without any hassle.

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