Best Rake For Pine Needles Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Rake For Pine Needles
best rake for pine needles

While there are other ways including using yard vacuum for pine needles, one of the best ways of clearing pine needles from landscapes remains the good old raking method preferably using the best rake for pine needles.

Of course, a leaf blower may help in moving some of the mess but a flexible rake will still be good company since the needles still require to be gathered.

The good thing is that the best rake is in many instances multi-functional.

For example, it can still be used to remove other yard debris leaving a spectacular lawn.

Top 5 Rake For Pine Needles Reviews

Pine need rakes have come a long way with the journey culminating in the release of some of the best ever models the dominate the market today.

Now, the editors of this blog always prefer to diligently investigate products before recommending them and that was the case here…

The investigation was so thorough such that out of the initial selection of 17 models, only five survived.

Here is a preview of these leading models:

1. Maintainer 21″ Multi Purpose Debris Rake

With a comfortable 60-Inch fiberglass  handle, the 21-Inch aluminum rake is an absolute monster when it comes to cleaning up nasty pine needles.

It can also help to remove any pesky pine needles stuck on roof tops.


Always mentioned in the same breath as the very best rake for pine needles, this rake is multi-talented and will work practically everywhere including on artificial turfs.

Its deigned in such a way that the pine needles never stick on the rake in addition to being able to “comb” up other waste, for example, the little pollen pods associated with the spring.

The rake’s handle is just as good and is thick and pretty solid so users can work with confidence knowing that it’s not going to snap off any time soon.

We Love
  • Has a solid handle.
  • Debris doesn’t stick on the rake.
  • Strong enough to handle thick build up.
We Don't Love
  • For taller people, the 60-inch handle could be a problem.
  • A bit pricey.

2. The Groundskeeper II Rake, 21-inches Wide, 55-inch Fiberglass Handle

Another pine needles rake to make the grade is the Groundskeeper II Rake mainly because of its wide rake head which helps remove larger amounts of leaves, pine needles, and thatch, while sparing plants and shrubs.


Measuring 21-inches, the rake has one of the widest heads which, coupled with heavy-duty steel spring tines helps gather massive loads of both dry and wet debris within no time.

The unit is also versatile enough to be used either as an effective pitchfork or a handy thatching tool. At 55-inches, the handle is also longer that its predecessor the Groundskeeper II Rake meaning that even tall people don’t have to bend when using it.

Similarly, it’s so easy one can comfortable work with one hand.

We Love
  • Has indomitable steel pines so it clears bigger loads.
  • Tough Fiberglass handle.
  • Multipurpose- can be a pitchfork/thatching tool.
We Don't Love
  • Needs some assembly.

3. 63 Inch Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake – Adjustable Folding Head from 7″ to 22″

Another best way to pick up pine needles is by using this adjustable garden rake. That the user can adjust the head to easily maneuver through tight paths between plants is enough to demonstrate its class.


Unlike conventional rakes, this can be expanded from as narrow as 7-inches to a whole 22 inches depending on where the user is raking, the distribution of plants, and the density of the pine needles.

Besides, reducing the rake head means it will occupy much less space in storage.

More good news are from the 63-inch long handle- it’s made of long-lasting, solid steel and comes coated with zinc to discourage rusting!

Amazingly, the rake is super lightweight making it one of the easiest to use.

We Love
  • The smaller footprint makes it great in tight spaces.
  • Easier to store.
  • The handle resists rusting.
We Don't Love
  • It may not handle heavier loads as excellently as the competing RPM rake.

4. Professional EZ Travel Collection Telescopic Rake Folding Rake Garden Rake Heavy Duty Foldable Rake

Made of steel, this also rakes up pine tree and common garden needles on gravel landscaping like a champ and is a remarkable steel constructed pine needles rake.


The one thing that has brought bucket loads of praises to this rake is the steel pines which make it the master of raking rough and rocky landscapes.

It also wins extra marks on its easy-to-adjust head (7.5 to 21.75-inches) which allows the owner to work on yards and smaller spaces without straining. And its telescopic power is from 37 inches to 68 inches.

Its engineers also tailored it in such a way that debris doesn’t get stuck. Overall, it’s a very well thought out product.

We Love
  • Quite resilient.
  • Captures pine needles and other debris quickly.
  • Super lightweight.
  • Telescopic power.
We Don't Love
  • The handle design may need some upgrading.

5. ROOT ASSASSIN Gardening RAKE 58″ Aluminum Handle

A top pine cone sweeper, this has been invented to be both an efficient rake and an amazing shovel. And so users don’t have to get extra tools- it will gather all debris then help to scoop everything.


Rather than use the usual plastic “hands”, the rake, being essentially a 2-in-1 garden accessory, can also be used to scoop gathered needles using a simple hand method.

And because it collects debris so efficiently, it does the job in almost half the time ordinary rakes take.

Additionally, the editors of this blog are convinced that this is one of the most versatile tool and it’s hard to disagree…from removing fallen fruit, grass, tree waste, leaves ,pruning clippings, moss or skimming a swimming pool, the tool is simply stunning.

We Love
  • Super-efficient.
  • One of the most useful tools.
  • Easy on the back.
We Don't Love
  • It cannot be adjusted.

Buying Guide

Like with other products, buyers have often to go through numerous models and brands when choosing rakes for pine needles.

To narrow down the chase, its recommended that focus should be, first and foremost, on the factors that affect the performance of a product..

These following checks may help in getting a better deal for the money:


Looking at the material used for the handle can be a good pointer regarding the handle’s quality.

For most types, hardwood, aluminum, and steel dominate and while there is always the odd chance of ordinary wood caving in, such an occurrence is quite rare for hardwood, steel and high-grade aluminum handles.

Even so, the decision is never that easy considering that the metals are susceptible to rusting, if not taken care of, to say nothing of the fact that they can also bend.

A couple of models have fiberglass handles but these again can crack and shatter. On the same note, cheap plastic handles will hardly last 2 seasons, which is not surprising as most are meant to be for short term use.

Still on handles, the length is paramount and determines whether the user will have it easy or will end up with an aching back at the end of it all.

The thing is the best length depends on one’s height. Too short will force the user to bend and trigger back issues while too long could result into an uncomfortable position so pick an optional length.

It’s also crucial that the grip is right otherwise there will be a challenge when working as poorly installed grips shift and slide and make it pretty hard to rake.


Metal tines, particularly those that come with a spring metallic hinge are superb and will serve for many seasons.
That being said, they need to be shielded against rusting, for example, by storing the rake in shaded environments.

Equally important, the tines should be sufficiently flexible and have the strength to handle thicker pine needles, wet or dry, and even other debris if it’s intended to be more useful.

That would be too much to ask of plastic tines as they are known to break under the slightest pressure and/or fail to supply the requisite flexibility.

Again, this is totally acceptable as this class of rakes is single-season and best for light use.

The Rake Head

The rake head also has a huge say in performance and whether one will win the battle against the troublesome pine needles.

Most experts agree that anything from 22” to 24” in width picks up bigger heaps of leaves in one sweep without being too heavy or clumsy on the hands.

On the question of raking tighter spots, adjustable heads will win hands down because their footprints can be reduced as necessary to navigate safely between plants.

But the buyer should ensure that the adjusting feature is easier to engage otherwise it may not serve the purpose.
Moving on, curving the rake heads or applying another fancy design has little influence on its handling and results and may be more of an attempt by the manufacturers to stand out so it should be the least of worries.


Raking is typically taxing on muscles. One can eliminate incidences of premature tiredness, hurting backs, and distressed hands by looking at, among other things, the rake’s dimensions.

But for a few companies, the leading players are now making rakes which observe good ergonomics for users. Indeed, these innovative designs deliver extra comfort and better control making the whole operation effortless.
Overall, a lightweight pine needles rake combined with an adjustable handle plus, where possible, adjustable tines will be cozier, by a mile.

And as a bonus, adjustable rakes are easier to store once reduced.

Best Brands of Best Rake For Pine Needles

The number of manufacturers targeting the rake for pine needles market has been growing steadily for the last few years.

The following brands have however managed to build a bulging reputation among consumers because of superior quality:

1. Flexrake

Flexrake has been making pine needles rakes and other gardening/landscaping equipment since 1945.
They first sent tongues wagging with the introduction of their spring steel rakes and which have a lot of loyal fans to this day.

2. Gardenite

Trading under the Gardenite brand name, Equinox International, is known for its premium quality gardening products.
Gardenite pine needles rakes, especially the adjustable models, are quite popular.

3. Root Assassin

Another leading brand, Root Assassin units have repeatedly proven very dependable. They have manufactured some of the most versatile rakes for pine needles including the legendary Root Assassin’s gardening rake.

4. Bond

Another trusted name, Bond has in the past released some of the best adjustable rakes. They also tend to excel in making heavy duty models.

5. RPM Hand Rake

RPM advocates for products that help users to work smarter and not harder and true to form, their rakes are very easy to use.

Best Rake For Pine Needles FAQs

Here are some common questions, you should know before purchase any pine needle. So lets go we check these, what’s included here.

Q1: What Kind of Sharpening Does a Rake For Pine Needles Need?

Answer: In most cases, a flat file will be fine. Again it’s not every day that they need sharpening.

Q2: Do These Rakes Rust When Left Outside?

Answer: It depends on the construction. Aluminum doesn’t rust but steel does meaning unless coated with materials such as Zinc, there’s a real possibility of rusting.

Q3: What Maintenance Do Pine Needle Rakes Need?

Answer: Rakes are generally basic tools and do not really involve a lot. It should be cleaned regularly. The tines should also be cleared of stuck debris, washed then dried prior to storage. The tool should also be regularly inspected for rust (which should be rubbed off immediately). Storage should be in a shed or something similar to protect it against elements.

Q4: Do Pine Needle Rakes Need Assembly?

Answer: A couple requires some basic setup but most don’t.

Q5: Are There Other Options Besides hand Rakes?

Answer: People with lots of pine trees face more work and should try a suitable pine needles rake attachment for garden tractors, ATVs or riding mowers.

Final Verdict

As fall nears, pine needles are reading themselves to wreak havoc on the landscape. But in the best rake for pine needles, they meet their match!

You can check our power tools, hand tools and home tools, if you need.

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